Adin Dajdzic

Adin Dajdzic

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2025

For the last couple of years, it has been hard for me to describe myself. Before I came to UWC it was easy: I was Adin, best known by friends as Dajdza. I come from small country called Bosnia & Herzegovina, and from an even smaller town in it called Tuzla. I was a student of the medical high school, a future medical doctor, with an already determined future for myself, and this was my life for a long while. I had a lot of time to practice this description, and it served me perfectly, until I came to UWC. Then, describing myself became a lot more difficult. Being a UWC student had a lot of implications, a lot of responsibility and a lot of weight behind it, and choosing one of these is not an easy task. But, I put in a lot of thought to it and decided that I was a UWC student, a person who was assigned the task of uniting people in whatever way I could and using that unity to make the world a better place.

That being said, the time I spent at UWC is something that I hold most dear to me. While being part of the UWC community is something that cannot be described but can only be experienced, my favorite part of UWC is the closeness that I have developed with some people. We were living together, going through everything together, and because of that we developed a bond that is really hard to break. This was, sadly, the most difficult experience that I had at UWC because I had to leave all of the people that I grew to love so dearly.

I stumbled upon Lewis and Clark mostly because of this reason. I was looking for a place that cherished developing these connections between people, and Lewis and Clark seemed the most promising. At first glance it seemed like a place much similar to UWC, with an accepting atmosphere and a focus on community. As I looked into it further, I found that it was also an academically rich college, with mathematics, physics and computer science being majors with a lot of care put in to them. It happened so that I wanted to major in these subjects, because these fields are so respected and because I am most confident in them. Furthermore, Lewis & Clark seemed to put a lot of care into the hobbies of their students, given that its sports and musical performances are all over the internet. This excited me immensely, given that I play four instruments and would like to use and develop my musical skills in college further. All of this combined, given that Lewis and Clark college is so rich academically, with a major emphasis on its community and the individuals in it, resulted in me choosing Lewis and Clark as a place that I wanted to try and build my future in.

It is now harder than ever to describe myself. Now I am a Lewis and Clark student, and I do not know what that means yet, but I am certain after I finish this college, I will be able to describe myself as Adin, best known by friends as Dajdza, a successful, happy, and most importantly, proud alumni of Lewis & Clark College.