Igor Gromovic

Igor Gromović

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2025

My passion for learning and living through new experiences has always been a core asset of my life. Being introduced to a stalemate and a constant, everlasting cycle of one daily routine has never been something I felt comfortable with. Life often finds funny ways of introducing us to things that we associate with happiness, and for me, that always proves to be something that falls out of the ordinary. My name is Igor Gromović and I come from a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina named Travnik. With the desire to experience something new and impactful, I have decided to take on a new challenge in my life, which led me to become a student of the United World College in Mostar. I always felt the need to learn more about the world and meet people whose stories I can listen to and learn from, and UWC was the right place to do just that.

UWC helped me shape into the person that I am today. I have met many wonderful people with whom I remain close friends with, and I learned quite a lot of things about people from vastly different backgrounds. The experiences that I continue to carry with me made me a much more open-minded and empathic person and have set a fertile soil for future personal development. My choice of Lewis & Clark College was based on many encouraging words from previous UWC graduates that I have talked to, as well as other sources of information that I was able to find. I see Lewis & Clark as a great fit for myself, and I am most definitely certain that my future experiences will be filled with positive personal development.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy many different things, ranging from playing and listening to music, both on my own and with friends, to having long walks filled with thoughtful conversations with people with who I like spending time. I also enjoy learning new things that catch my interest, as well as improving upon the skills that I already familiarized myself with. Whenever I want to relax, I choose to play video games, watch movies, or read books and comic books. However, I definitely prefer to socialize and be around my friends often, rather than spend all of my time on my own. At Lewis and Clark, I plan to focus my studies on International Affairs and Political Science, however, I was also always very much interested in studying Computer Science, because I spent a lot of time behind a computer screen since childhood, which opened up my interest for IT at an early stage of life. As I grew older, I got more attracted to Politics and Humanities, however, I always tried to incorporate an IT aspect into my political studies, and therefore I always find myself questioning how technology impacts current political situations.

I never traveled much outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I have managed to visit some interesting places throughout my life. However, I feel like UWC managed to compensate for some of my lack of traveling since I was able to meet so many different people from different countries in one place. Nonetheless, I am definitely looking forward to attending Lewis and Clark and experiencing a whole new environment, in a completely different part of the world. At Lewis and Clark, I hope that I will be able to meet many new people and create new, meaningful friendships that will carry on even after my L&C journey ends, as well as further developing myself, both academically and socially. I will try to uphold the UWC values that I am carrying along with me and see where this new path of life will take me.