Photograph of Eileen Dowty in a brown shirt looking off-camera to the right and smiling against a...

Eileen Dowty, MA

Associate Director

Eileen Dowty grew up in New Mexico and still considers that “home,” even after living 20+ years in beautiful Oregon. She earned a BA in Cultural Anthropology and thought her career would be in museums, but this slowly shifted to higher education. After working in several TRIO programs, where she had the opportunity to work with Navajo, Jicarilla Apache and Pueblo Nations, as well as rural, Hispanic communities, Eileen earned a MA in Adult Education with dual emphases in Reading and TESOL. Eileen taught ESL, Adult Literacy and Study Skills classes at community college and has spent the last 20 years at small, liberal arts colleges supporting students with learning differences. When not on campus, Eileen is a passionate textile artist, with a love for sharing her craft.