Marta Ruzic

Marta Ruzic

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2025

The things I really loved about life at a UWC school were:

1. The residential life experience, it was something I have wanted to experience since watching TLC’s shows about large families with lots of children. The kids looked so happy living in the same house with siblings close in age and it has been a dream of mine to live with friends one day and to be able to just go downstairs to hang out with my bestie, which I was able to do every day.

2. The open campus and the ability to attend events that I had no access to in my hometown, most of those organized by the school. There is so much going on in UWC that a week feels like a month in retrospect.

3. The constant presence of my friends made those everyday opportunities even more interesting so almost every day at UWC was a chance to learn or experience something new, aside from the entire days we used to spend at Vinyl cafe just gossiping in true Bosnia and Herzegovina fashion!

That being said, I have whole detailed journals written in the span of two years filled with the picturesque experiences and sites taking place in Mostar.

The proximity to nature was one of the primary reasons why I chose Lewis & Clark. There are a lot of UWC Mostar alumni enrolled in the college currently, and my house mom told me how many artsy kids choose to study at L&C.  I was attracted by the laid back aesthetics of the campus and the friendly auras surrounding the students in the promotional videos. It made me feel that, also because of the good amount of international students, the college would be similar to UWC, and I enjoyed my time there and I want to continue that journey.

My major is Fine/Studio Arts. I have still not decided if I want to double major, but I see myself taking classes that sound interesting and are outside of my major just for fun, and hopefully I will take on a random major just to surprise myself and implement something unexpected into my life.

The reason I chose Visual Arts is that I think it is a path of least resistance. Not because I think that it is easy and that anyone can do it, but because I don’t see myself getting bored of a career in arts. I want to beautify the world by adding murals to dull buildings and tattooing people in order to make everyday life more interesting and stimulating. I think that people are happier with having more beautiful sites around, so by studying Arts I plan to direct myself into that field, especially because my country has great aesthetic potential in its cultural heritage waiting to be awakened.

Outside the classroom I enjoy doing any performing art such as singing, dancing, acting and anything having to do with the stage. I am a little attention needy, so when I am not on the stage, I like dressing up in borderline ridiculous outfits and putting on a show to raise the energy of the people around me.

Besides arts, I like studying literature, anthropology and music theory. At UWC I have really enjoyed studying anthropology. However, I approach all of my subjects from an artistic standpoint and everything I do is for the sake of my art. I like to keep journals and to draw my notes from class.

As for traveling, I have visited many Western and Central European countries, as well as neighboring countries thanks to international summer camps, music school concerts and dancing performances. But I have never left the continent, and since 2011, since I’ve seen Dance Moms, it has been my wish to move to the states for a career in show business.

At Lewis & Clark I want to learn the art of tattooing, play in a band or an orchestra, take advantage of all the hiking trips, start dancing again and meet people that will help me to get to know my best self by getting to know them and their stories. I am ready to be pushed into the unknown and journal every moment of it!