Hashim Salman

Hashim Salman

UWC attended: United World College of Dilijan (Armenia)
Class Year: Class of 2025

My name is Hashim, and I’m an Arab Muslim from Jordan. For me, my identity and the geopolitics around me have shaped me in a fascinating way: I was born and raised in Jordan, in the Middle East, the most controversial region in the XXI century, fighting to solve the most complex issues. Growing up in such an environment I developed the love of reading about politics and disputed topics. Through reading, I acknowledged that there was always another side to any story. That is how I developed my passion for debating, especially regarding topics to which I could relate; eventually, these dialogues led me to make the decision to study International Law in the future. My goal in life is to help in building a world where everyone’s voice can be heard and where states are treated equally. Majoring in Economics at Lewis & Clark will be the cornerstone to my goals.

I studied at UWC Dilijan, in Armenia; the two years that I have spent in this institution have been a dream, discussing and exploring topics that I knew little about. I always wanted to be in a UWC because of the opportunities to engage with people from all over the world, giving me the opportunity to listen to different stories or hearing the news from another perspective — something that I would rarely find on the internet or in books. The idea of learning the news from other people’s stories and not through mainstream media was what I enjoyed the most in UWCD.

Coming from a tight-knit rural school in Armenia, I built love for the intimacy of such a community. Yet, I always felt like a part of me was left in the buzzing cities of Jordan. Lewis & Clark’s location is the best of both worlds; I would not need to leave campus to have a vibrant experience. At the same time, I can still enjoy downtown Portland’s livelihood. That is why I choose L&C besides its academics, environmentalism, and the outdoors.

I have many interests outside the classroom. Such as doing Robotics in my free time, which is something I did a lot at UWCD. I used to also participate in global Robotics competitions such as the “First Global Challenge.” Early in the morning, I love to practice playing my oriental instrument, the oud. In addition to that, I love swimming and playing football. Recently, I discovered my love for ping pong and camping, as well.