Beka Feathers


Beka Feathers BA ’06 and Chelsea Spangler, October 7, 2017, beneath the sequoias at Calaveras Big Trees State Park near Arnold, California. The ceremony was officiated by Megan Essman BA ’07. Ryan Essman BA ’06 and Whitney Edmunds BA ’06 were among Beka’s attendants; Shannon Brady BA ’06 read from E.E. Cummings; and Laura Content BA ’06 made the cake. More than a dozen other Lewis & Clark alumni were present for the ceremony.

Posted 02/10/2022

Why the People: The Case for Democracy – Beka Feathers BA ’06 coauthors this graphic novel, which makes a fun, accessible, and historically solid argument for the potential of true democracy. First Second, 2022. 272 pages.

Posted 08/03/2021

Beka Feathers BA ’06 pens her first book, a nonfiction graphic novel, about the purpose of national constitutions. In spring 2021, Feathers also wrote a comic explaining the Portland Charter Commission, which was published by Oregon Humanities Magazine (, where Ben Waterhouse BA ’06 serves as editor.

First Second, 2021. 256 pages.