Inside-Out Prison Exchange

Expanding LC course offerings at the Columbia River Correctional Institution

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange brings fifteen people incarcerated at the Columbia River Correctional Institution and fifteen undergraduate students together in courses taught by Lewis & Clark College faculty. 

For both students and faculty, the experience is powerful and transformative.“None of us will ever look at the world the same way,” one student said. 

Applications are NOW OPEN for Summer 2024 Inside-Out Instructor Training Faculty Grants.

Demand for these courses, from both incarcerated (inside) and Lewis & Clark (outside) students, far surpasses our current offerings. Now, with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s “Healing Social Suffering Through Narrative” grant, we are expanding the Inside-Out courses offered by Lewis & Clark.  

We hope to hear from you! 

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Pathway through trees on the Lewis & Clark campus.

Inside-Out Instructor Training: Faculty Grant

We are now taking Inside-Out Instructor Training Faculty Grant Applications for Summer 2024! 

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Faculty book release: “A Wall Is Just A Wall: The Permeability of the Prison in 20th Century America” by Reiko Hillyer

Please join us in congratulating Professor of History and Department Chair Reiko Hillyer on the upcoming publication of her latest book, A Wall is Just a Wall: The Permeability of the Prison in 20th Century America (Duke University Press, February 16, 2024). Influenced by her work teaching in the Inside-Out program,  Hillyer traces the decline of practices that used to connect incarcerated people more regularly to the free world.

Molly Gibbons, LC student

Interning at Inside-Out: Six Questions for Molly Gibbons

With funding from the Mellon Foundation, LC student Molly Gibbons completed the inaugural Inside-Out Internship over Summer and Fall of 2022. Molly is a History major and Hispanic Studies minor from Missoula MT who plans to graduate in Spring ’24.

“This internship was one of the most informative and valuable work and educational experiences I have had,” she said. Read on to find out why.

Image from Spring '23 Inside-Out class performance

Spring ’24 Prison Exchange Class Performance from the Inside-Out

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Class
TH238 Performance from the Inside/Out
Fridays 12:45-3:45 pm, Spring 2024
Class held at the Columbia River Correctional Institution
Taught by Associate Professor Rebecca Lingafelter
This is a 200-level Theatre class held at Columbia River Correctional Institute exploring the techniques and applications of autobiography to performance. It is an integrated class of 15 undergraduates and 15 incarcerated students who will learn together as peers.
Because of the special nature of this class and limited space,

Outside student applications are now closed for the Spring ’24 Inside-Out course. 
I Think of You performance at Portland Center Stage.

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Piece Performed at Portland Center Stage

Professional actors, in collaboration with faculty and students from Lewis & Clark, presented I Think of You, a variation on the final theatre project of students in the spring Inside-out Prison Exchange course.

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Molly Robinson, Associate Professor of French

Cry of Freedom: New Inside-Out Prison Exchange Course

Prof. Molly Robinson will be teaching a new course this Fall at Columbia River Correctional Institution as part of the Lewis & Clark College Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. All interested students should apply!
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Molly Robinson, Associate Professor of French

From the Inside-Out: 5 Questions for Molly Robinson

In Summer 2022, Molly Robinson, associate professor of French, completed Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program’s Instructor Training thanks to a faculty grant from the Mellon Foundation and the Center for Community and Global Health.

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VIDEO: How the Humanities Can Save Humanity

Panel Discussion Presented by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

In celebration of National Arts and Humanities Month (#NAHM), Elizabeth Alexander, president of the Mellon Foundation, moderated a wide-ranging discussion with artists Mel Chin and Allison Janae Hamilton and writer-photographer Emily Raboteau about how the humanities are tackling the interconnected challenges of climate change, public health, and racial injustice, among other pressing social justice issues.

The Lewis & Clark College Center for Community and Global Health is supported in part by a Mellon Foundation grant, Healing Social Suffering Through Narrative. 
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VIDEO: Social Change through Transformative Education

Meet Lori Pompa, Founder and Executive Director or the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. Find out how L&C is expanding our presence at Columbia River Correctional Institute and get involved.

Ray Warren Symposium: Movement

VIDEO: The Flows Between Education and Incarceration

The school-to-prison pipeline refers to the pattern of pushing students out of educational institutions into criminal legal systems. This panel examined the school-to-prison pipeline’s disproportionate effect on BIPOC students  and explored efforts to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. Hosted at the 17th Annual Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies.
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What happens when a correctional facility functions as a classroom? Lewis & Clark history students find out firsthand.