Cindy Pelton Thompson BS ’81


Cindy Pelton Thompson BS ’81 writes: “I have such great memories of Lewis & Clark and have ended up living two blocks from campus for the last 26 years. The pandemic shut down the college to visitors for 15 months, and we sorely missed walking on campus several times each week. Taking in that majestic view of Mount Hood from the Manor House always brings me a sense of calm. Campus finally reopened, and I am thrilled to once again be strolling through the tall trees and playing tennis near the outdoor pool, while feeling grateful for my experiences there. It’s hard to believe we graduated 40 years ago, because some of the memories are still so vivid. The first event I ever produced was on lower campus. It was a concert with a few local bands called ‘May Ray Day.’ Turns out I would continue producing events for the next 40-plus years, owning my own company since 1987. I’m still in touch with many fellow Pios, and we get together every few years to share our crazy college stories and laugh at our antics.”