Kevin Kebede-Berhanu

Kevin Kebede

Kevin Kebede, M.Ed., LMFT (he/him). I am a part time (3 days a week) mental health counselor. I graduated from the University of Oregon with my masters from the Couples and Family Therapy program. My education focused on a systemic perspective of therapy which emphasized the significance of context and interaction in development of problems and their resolution.

Since graduating I have completed a course through PSU to work with foster and adoptive families, child development, collaborative problem solving. I have also worked with organizations designed to support foster and adoptive families.

My drive for this work in grounded in wanting to help others find their place and recognizing their personal worth, resilience and ability. The problems we face in life can lead to forgetting our capabilities. My hope is that our therapy relationship can help you feel secure in those traits, find your capacity to endure and achieve your goals.