Nancy Makuvise

Lecturer of Law, Great Zimbabwe University
LLM ’22, CALS Ambassador

Nancy is one of the many recipients of the International Advocates Animal Law LLM Scholarship from Center for Animal Law Studies. She is part of the first ever online LLM class. Her passion for animal law was ignited after attending an Animal Law training workshop for prosecutors. Ever since then, Nancy has been working hard to ensure animals, both wild and domestic are protected in Zimbabwe. With over 7 years of experience in criminal litigation, Nancy has prosecuted many cases including wildlife crime cases. She has used this experience in her role as a Court Monitor in Zimbabwe, assisting investigators in the investigation of wildlife crime cases and subsequently the prosecution of such cases. She has facilitated several training workshops on Wildlife Law and wildlife crime for judicial officers all over Zimbabwe. Nancy was instrumental in the introduction of the first ever Wildlife Law module at a local Law School in Zimbabwe, which has been running since 2021. She has been a Teaching Assistant for the module, with her duties entailing the research and creation of learning content for the module, drafting assignment questions and exams, supervising dissertations and tutoring students.

Currently Nancy is charting her own path as an Independent Consultant on Wildlife Law and Animal Law. She has done consultancy work on Saving African Vultures through Awareness raising and a Vulture Poisoning Response Training Workshop, in conjunction with BirdLife Zimbabwe. She is also working with private stakeholders on monitoring poaching cases at court and attending anti-poaching stakeholder meetings, offering her legal opinions. She has also provided consultancy services on animal welfare on a children’s book due to be published this year.

Nancy is a recipient of the Global Ambassador Program (GAP). During her GAP year, she intends to continue advancing animal law and welfare education through the founding of a new nonprofit organization that will focus on community-based outreach campaigns and the education and training of officials in local institutions like City Council, Rural District Councils, Public Health Officials and the Department of Veterinary Services. The project will also work on ensuring compliance with and the enforcement of the animal welfare and protection laws through the establishment of Community Consultative Forums. These are working groups where trained officials from the local institutions can further train members of their community. The project will provide a new opportunity for collaborative efforts between local councils, vets, councillors and other like-minded organizations. It will also address diverse content such as proper pet ownership care, animal vaccinations and diets, illegal dog breeding and selling, stray dogs, addressing humane ways of transport and slaughter of farmed animals and animal welfare in diseased animals.