Marcia Condoy Truyenque

Doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki, Finland
LLM ’22

Marcia is a Peruvian lawyer and currently a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki, where she is focusing on the topic of “Animal Legal Agency” as part of the “Agency in Law” project. This project is led by Visa Kurki and funded by the European Research Council. Marcia’s research aims to elucidate that many animals either are or have the potential to be legal agents, capable of acting within the legal system by being endowed with legal powers. Additionally, at the University of Helsinki, Marcia is a member of the Helsinki Animal Law Centre.

Previously, Marcia earned a master’s degree with honors in Animal Law from Lewis & Clark Law School. She also completed master courses in International Law and International Human Rights Law at the Université Catholique de Louvain.

In 2021, Marcia founded the Animal Law division at Preston+, the law firm where she is a partner. Preston+ is the first law firm in Peru to have a dedicated Animal Law division, through which Marcia has led prominent cases related to animals, including those involving multispecies families.

In 2022, Marcia founded Derecho Animal en Perú [Animal Law in Peru], an organization dedicated to promoting and developing Animal Law within the Peruvian academia and legal practice

Read some of Marcia’s work here.