Laser Malena-Webber BA ’10


Laser Malena-Webber BA ’10 writes: “The original cast recording of Teaching a Robot to Love, a new musical by Laser Malena-Webber, E. Aaron Wilson, and Aubrey Turner, recently hit No. 5 on the Cast Recordings Billboard chart. With a pop, rock, and dubstep musical score, the new grassroots musical is a modern queer Frankenstein story about a group of friends who create a sentient Siri-like sales robot and learn lessons about change and the nature of humanity. The album was released November 19, 2021, on all digital platforms and at ‘This musical is fun and full of sci-fi and robots, but it also tells a story from the inside of my heart as a trans nonbinary person,’ said Malena-Webber, who wrote the book and lyrics for the musical. ‘I am so excited for people to hear this emotional and joyful story about a great queer group of friends dealing with anxiety and the challenges of being a person.’”