Caitlin Overland JD '11

Caitlin Overland JD ’11


Caitlin Overland JD ’11 assumed the role of Whitefish (Montana) municipal court judge on January 5, 2022. Overland was recently appointed to the position following the death of Judge William Hileman. Previously, she served as a deputy Flathead County attorney, working on a wide range of legal matters including criminal prosecutions, youth court, civil litigation, and land use law. Overland says her time in the county attorney’s office gave her a great foundation in several areas of the law: “For a new attorney coming out of law school it’s the best experience. It’s a really great way to get exposed to a lot of different things.” She also maintains a private legal practice focusing on soil and water conservation. Overland clerked for the Montana Supreme Court before moving to the Flathead Valley and recently served as the substitute judge for Kalispell Municipal Court. She says the experience made her interested in applying for the Whitefish position. Overland recognizes that municipal and city courts are unique pieces of the justice system. “Besides voting, this is often the only interaction most people have with government. Most everyone ends up with a parking or speeding ticket at some point and it’s really important to me that they leave feeling like they were treated with respect, and that the court was responsive, fair, and efficient.”