Jagjit Nagra JD '15

Jagjit Nagra JD ’15


Jagjit Nagra JD ’15 was named the first executive director of Oregon Consumer Justice, a role he began in March 2022. “His commitment to dismantling barriers to equity and advancing social justice can be traced from his personal experience facing inequities to his professional career as a trusted advocate and community leader,” said Se-ah-dom Edmo, chair of OCJ’s search committee. Nagra has a background in Oregon-based policy, advocacy, government relations, and politics. He has worked extensively with community groups, foundations, government agencies, and elected officials to dismantle barriers to equity and build a more just and equitable society. Most recently, Nagra led the Government Relations office for the Washington County Administrative Office and Board of Commissioners. Previously, he worked in the office of U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) as field representative for Multnomah and Washington Counties. Nagra’s initial priority will be to connect with OCJ’s partner organizations and community members to understand their most pressing consumer needs and how OCJ can address them. He will then lead the development of OCJ’s strategic plan, ensuring that the organization’s plans for advocacy, legal support, community engagement, and consumer outreach over the coming years are driven by the needs of Oregon communities.