F. Pieter Lefferts


Pieter Lefferts BA ’80, an artist and author, says he’s delighted to announce that his book, What The Kek Kek Saw, a novel-length fable, is a 2023 Nautilus Book Awards Gold Winner for Young Adult Fantasy. Published by UnCollected Press in 2022, What The Kek Kek Saw is for all ages and is available at online retailers and independent bookstores.

Posted 03/02/2022

What the Kek Kek Saw – F. Pieter Lefferts BA ’80 sets this novel in an imagined society of animals populating the eastern woodland ecosystems of New York’s Adirondack Mountains. At its core, the book is a call to all humans to find better ways to listen to and understand our relationships with the other sentient beings on this planet—and to learn from our often wiser brethren. UnCollected Press, 2022. 309 pages.