Flavio De Pina Soares de Carvalho

3. Candidate for ISLC Representative to ASB Cabinet: Flavio de Pina Soares de Carvalho

I have been part of ISLC for two years running. I am currently representing the International Students to the ASB Senate. If elected as your Representative to the ASB Cabinet, I have two main campaign promises.

First, inflation is running high in this country, yet student workers did not get a raise reflecting the inflationary percentage. So many of us work our butts off and do not get compensated fairly. While grateful that we can work at all, if elected, I will fight in the Cabinet for all student workers to be fairly compensated in these economically turbulent times.

The second issue that is important for us is the winter break housing fee. Many international students decide to stay on campus over winter break, often this decision is not voluntary but circumstantial. The administration is not fully aware of that fact. Last semester I was working hard with the other two members of the Executive Board of ISLC to get that fee removed, and after multiple meetings with Robin Holmes-Sullivan and Brian White we were partly successful. If elected, I will work with the new Dean of Student Life, the Cabinet and ISS to finally get rid of the winter break housing fee altogether.

If elected, I will bring my experience of working closely with ASB President Madeleine MacWilliamson, all the Senators, Rocky Campbell and Robin Holmes-Sullivan to represent your needs and wishes in the Cabinet. As always, I will be the voice of reason and common sense.