Vaani Aryaki and Nicolas Villafuerte Wilson

4. ISLC Representative to ASB Senate: Vaani Aryaki (Fall) and Nicolás Villafuerte Wilson (Spring)

We both served the ISLC board from 2021-2022 and gained valuable skills that we want to further put into use. We deeply care about the needs/concerns of the international community on campus. Therefore, we are keen to help organize events that foster a sense of community and provide space for multicultural exchange. We believe that this is a great way to bridge the gap between the students and the board. We are excited about this position as it is an important avenue for international students to be represented and heard within the wider student community. Thus, we are committed to making our voices heard in this space (twice as represented!). We are applying together to maximize our chances of giving our best effort. Vaani would serve this Fall 2022 while Nico will be studying abroad. Then Nico will take over the next Spring semester (with renewed energies!).