Brittany O.

Artist Statement

My art explores the intersection between narrative, eco psychology, and art therapy. Although all unique, they all center on the personal experience to better understand, and process. With the integration of all three of them into a single practice I was able to understand and incorporate the learning and knowledge of graduate school, and my experiences from working at the Domestic Violence Resource Center during my time at internship, on a deeper level. Creating two pieces, a mural on my office wall and a moss labyrinth in my yard, to explore the impact of narrative, eco psychology, and art therapy on one another.

Mural: Acrylic Paint on office wall. 72x35

As a processed based art therapist I used a narrative approach to process my time in graduate school. I used a series of symbolic images I developed throughout the program to create the narrative within the piece. Each scene is a metaphorical representation of experiences I have had throughout the past three years both within the program and my personal life. Being a processed based artist this piece is in constant flux.

Moss Labyrinth: Moss. 71x52

  • Moss Labyrinth Fall
  • Moss Labyrinth Winter
  • Moss Labyrinth Spring

With my integration of eco psychology into my practice, I created a Moss Labyrinth as a way for me to connect with my surroundings. As I created the labyrinth the processes of gathering moss started to become an intergenerational activity with my in-laws helping to build a stronger connection and community between us all. My young niece, mother and sister in-law, along with my partner have all gathered moss from important locations to them and have helped build the labyrinth.