Bantfu Dlamini Photo

Bantfubetfu Dlamini

UWC attended: Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa (Eswatini)
Class Year: Class of 2026

As a former UWCSA, student I am grateful for the school being a platform for me to express myself in all the different iterations I possess. At UWC I was not only a student in the academic sense but also an orator, in an improv troupe, a part of the student representative council, a keen learner, and so much more. I had the opportunity to really soar in different aspects and at times through the grace of adults who saw traits in me that I did not; because of that I really have been cultivating a sense of what it’s like to be layered as an individual and embracing that multiplicitous nature.

Lewis & Clark stood out to me for an array of reasons, for starters orange as an official school color really catches the eye! However, I did defer for a year in order to take a gap year and, unlike most people, I think the highlight for me has been the positive interactions with staff and students, who I feel have been very courteous and gone the extra mile for me and my plethora of questions. My interactions which were spaced out through the year have continuously given me renewed energy to get back into the ring and tackle school again. I feel those liaisons really did stand out for me in the school beyond idealized impressions. My hopes academically would be more than anything to be flexible and open to all the possibilities, I am excited in particular to delve into sociology and media studies.

In my time at Lewis & Clark I really hope to deepen my connections, cultivate community, delve into nature, and interests from academic to non-academic!