Ella Gimon Photo

Ella Gimon

UWC attended: United World College Maastricht (Netherlands)
Class Year: Class of 2026

At UWC Maastricht, the way I saw myself and others changed immensely. The friendly and close community created a welcoming environment for the students to learn about each other and their backgrounds. The lack of judgment added a level of respect between the students and generally in the community. I had only known I was going to UWC a week before starting there, and just after my first day, I was surprised at the casual and easygoing relationships between the students and teachers. UWC was not only a part of my academic life but also shaped my identity and the way I understand many aspects of my life today.

When considering what university to attend after graduating from UWC, Lewis & Clark stood out to me because of their unique community. Similar to UWC, L&C seemed like their students had great relationships with each other and their professors, which, in my opinion, is a crucial factor in deciding on a school. Their values also aligned with mine in many ways, like integrating the environment into their activities and opportunities. I have decided to major in psychology, because it is a subject that has interested me for years, and I never had the chance to study it in depth. I’ve always loved the sciences and how psychology can explore and provide explanations for how people act and communicate. At my school, I’ve been a part of a peer support group for a couple years, which helps students who are struggling with adjusting to UWC, or who wish to have a more casual environment than therapy or counseling.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy swimming (both competitive and recreational), hiking/backpacking, playing card games with my friends and family, and listening to music. I also love traveling, which my family does quite frequently. I’ve lived in a few states in the US, Singapore, and now the Netherlands, so my family likes to take advantage of being close to so many exciting places. I find it interesting and fun to compare countries and cities to each other and find a balance between living like a tourist or a local in the places I’ve lived.

At Lewis & Clark, I hope to not only enjoy my studies and be engaged in my academic learning, but also to find a community of people that are similar to me. L&C offers many opportunities to meet new people and find common interests, so I hope to soon be a part of a welcoming community that shares my values. I also would like to be part of a peer support program similar to the one at my UWC, and be able to give students another option for support, if needed.