Marta Ozola Photo

Marta Ozola

UWC attended: United World College Changshu (China)
Class Year: Class of 2026

UWC is an experience that has played a significant role in the development of my identity and who I am as a young passionate human being. There really are no words that could describe the experiences UWC brought to me but if I should try to describe it in 3 words I would say - family, maturing and life-changing.

I come from a small country in northeastern Europe called Latvia. I was involved with everything related to arts since I can remember which led me to UWC. I am forever grateful that I could continue my passion for arts at UWC Changshu China, learning through experiences, conversations with people or random interactions with people around the campus.

UWC at its core is the people and network of passionate young adults who bring their best to fight for a better future. It is the community spirit and strength of strangers that became family in a short period of time.

With these values in mind, I came across Lewis & Clark College. L&C’s values aligned with mine, therefore, the choice was pretty easy. The combination of a close-knit community with the big city as well as the chance to develop all the different aspects of my character.

I haven’t decided 100% what I want to major in but I am really interested in studying media, theatre and entrepreneurship. In my free time, I like to go to the theatre, listen to music, take pictures, hike, drink black coffee, cycle around with my bicycle, hang out with my friends and most importantly - travel.

I have travelled many times to different countries in Europe- Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Malta, Luxembourg, Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia. I lived in Denmark for 1.5 years of my life, and I lived in China. I also solo travelled to Australia.

Coming to Lewis & Clark College, I am excited to explore the great mix of nature and the city of Portland, as well as get to know new people in the L&C community and create wonderful things with the people around me.