Ela Gore Photo.HEIC

Ela Gore

UWC attended: Mahindra United World College of India
Class Year: Class of 2026

Going to UWC Mahindra College opened up a gate of possibilities and capabilities to reach out to, that I didn’t know existed with and around me before. From being able to understand complexly affected perspectives in Global issues, to mediating conflicts between my peers as a part of the Peer Support Group, MUWCI has taught me to look at others and myself, with compassion and sincerity. By giving me an opportunity to understand the roots of my own culture with a fresh perspective, the UWC experience has helped me find my strengths that come from individuality and teamwork.

Trusting the power of a small community which has taught me compromise, acceptance, and unlearning, led me to apply to Lewis and Clark. In this new space with people from diverse backgrounds, I found a feeling of belonging, which mirrors what I felt at UWC. At Lewis and Clark, I hope to grow with boldness in my heart and grit in my mind, as I come with thousands of questions to ask the many kind experts that I will meet there.

I wish to Major in Psychology and Minor in International Affairs/Neuroscience, as my curiosity for academics lies mainly at the intersection of Humanities and the Sciences.

Psychology particularly interests me because of the lack of focus that it is given in my background, when a feeling of completeness in mind is an important one in the Hindu philosophy. At Lewis and Clark, I am also very grateful for and excited about being able to hone my extra-curricular interests such as Theatre, Hiking, community service and learning languages.

My family and I have always been huge fans of travelling and learning about other cultures. Apart from travelling to most of the states in India, I have been to many countries, which include Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Austria, Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Amsterdam, Vatican City, Venice, Italy, Liechtenstein, and the UAE. It has been my source of adventure and experiential education. This summer, I plan on visiting Vietnam and I am extremely excited to go to the U.S., to attend L&C.

At Lewis and Clark, I am determined to understand myself and the world better, make lifelong friendships, provide and receive help and improve my debate skills and physical strength. Therefore, I am utterly grateful for the UWC Davis Scholarship to have enabled me to pursue education at L&C.