Vesna Uzunova Photo

Vesna Uzunova

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2026

Hello everyone! My name is Vesna and I come from Macedonia, a small country in Southeast Europe with amazing scenery and diverse climate across the territory. Known for its ethnic diversity in the framework of the Balkans, I am proud to call Macedonia my home, being born and raised there has left the most significant mark on who I am today and who I continue to be in the future. As I cherish my culture, traditions, language and identity, I will begin my studies in Lewis & Clark this fall.

For the past two years, UWC has allowed me to truly discover, be and enjoy my true self. During my experience in UWC in Mostar, I could re-immerse myself back into the things I truly enjoyed and this allowed me to connect even more with two of the core UWC values - personal challenge and celebration of difference. Due to the same reasons, being a prospective student in Lewis & Clark was an easy choice to make. Surrounded by a close-knit community that takes care of its own was what made UWC in Mostar home for me, and I looked for the very same attributes in my prospective higher education institution, in which case joining Lewis & Clark was easily the right decision for me.

On the note of re-immersing oneself into initial passions - art has always been a core means to express and explore my personality. In UWC I had to unlearn the harmful notion that being an artist provides no stable living, and instead, I learned that my livelihood could not determine my worth as a human being, and therefore I started progressing, both as an artist and a person in ways I never thought possible previously. Rediscovering my love for art, art history and studying all the exciting and interesting ways in which it connects to all my other interests such as Global Politics and analysis of societal structures made it all worth building upon. In Lewis & Clark, I hope to do exactly that, as I intend to major in Studio Art or Political Science.

A big part of what truly composes me as a person are my broad interests. Ranging from staying on top of politics around the globe (as much as I can), painting, making music, reading, learning languages and practicing personal mindfulness across all important aspects of my life by connecting all my interests to each other, I do my best to keep this broad spectrum of what aren’t just hobbies, but habits that make me who I am.

I have not travelled as much as I’d like but the traveling experience I have is meaningful to me, having mostly visited places in the Balkans, Eastern and Central Europe. That being said, my experience in Lewis & Clark provides me with a fresh start which will undoubtedly be one of the most formative, meaningful periods of my life.