New Graduate School Parking Lot

  • New Parking Lot Plan

Additional parking coming this fall!

Focus Area: South Campus Gravel Lot
Construction Start Date: July 11, 2022
Anticipated Completion: End of August

82 new spaces as a matter of fact. You might have noticed the construction fence at the gravel lot behind South Campus Chapel. This gravel lot will soon become an official and real parking lot with a new Gate 8. The old gravel lot entrance will be decommissioned, improving traffic safety on Palatine Hill Road. The design of the lot has been modeled around the trees and landscape in order to minimize environmental impact and manage storm water runoff. 

A huge thank you to our neighborhood community for their patience as the change in view of the hedge removal was dramatic, and we understand everyone’s concern.

The hedge was western red cedar, which is quite uncommon for a hedge. You may be aware it is also very difficult to trim back off the road way effectively. Soon, the hedge would have been effectively non-trimmable, as western red cedar doesn’t grow back like typical hedges when they’re trimmed. The City has clear protocols for roadway adjacent planting, and we have a compliant tree and shrub planting scheme of oak, locust, cypress, orange blossom, sedges, and grasses. Additionally, we removed the minimum number of mature trees to support the project with only 2 >20” diameter.

The lighting design for the lot has focused on minimizing light trespass, and we are reviewing with our lighting designer and electrical contractor to assure we achieve the best outcome. Through the use of lighting control technology and ‘Dark-Sky’ friendly strategies, we will integrate motion controlled bi-level dimming directional LEDs that still meet the code required minimums for parking lot lighting.


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