Daniel Bohlmann


Daniel Bohlmann BS ’70, JD ’73 writes: “Upon graduation from L&C, I teamed up with fellow alumnus Dexter Sunderland BS ’70 to purchase around-the-world air tickets on Pan Am. We visited more than 80 countries in one year, generally backpacking, staying in youth hostels, and working odd jobs to experience the local flavor and to gather information for an eventual thesis on international legal system comparisons and contrasts for law school. After graduating from law school, I apprenticed under Keith Burns BS ’54, JD ’58, focusing on labor law issues. Eventually, I moved to Palm Springs, California, where I was honored to assist Frank and Barbara Sinatra in their various charitable fundraising programs. As fate would have it, I was selected in 1979 to appear as Dallas actor Larry Hagman’s double for several events related to the show. In 1990, I was introduced to my wife, Sharie, by Frank Sinatra, who was an avid collector of my wife’s world-renowned artwork. Sharie has been commissioned by the Reagans and the Clintons to paint holiday artwork for the White House. Sharie and I have established a planned gift for the art program at Lewis & Clark. In the late 1990s, I was hired as senior vice president and general counsel to coordinate the marketing for what became one of the world’s most successful information programs, Billy Banks Tae Bo. I successfully lobbied President Clinton to award Bill a favored spot on the National Fitness Council. Since 2017, we have permanently relocated to San Carlos Sonora in Mexico on the fabulous Sea of Cortez. We welcome all Pioneers to come visit down south anytime. It’s been a fabulous journey, and I always give credit to Lewis & Clark College and the law school for providing the foundation for a life well lived!”