Itaru Onuma ’23

I was born in Tokyo, Japan on October 19, 2000, but raised in Singapore since elementary school, I call both home. I occasionally go back to Niigata & Yamagata in Japan where my grandparents reside. Since they are both located within the vast expanse of the Northern countryside of Japan, I was raised to become a big fan of nature! I briefly lived in both Hong Kong and Hawai’i and speak Japanese, English, and a little bit of Chinese! My hobbies include long-distance running, (2nd place in a half marathon in Singapore, 2013) Kendo, playing guitar, cooking, wine/liquor/sake tasting, and playing video games.

I had the opportunity to travel to many other parts of the world, especially throughout the entirety of East and Southeast Asia. My passion for International Affairs was sparked through numerous interactions with people from all over the world. Living long-term in an international business hub like Singapore gave me precious exposure to all kinds of cross-cultural ideologies. On that note, I seek to use all the knowledge I have gained thus far to good use and make changes for the better.


Tokyo, Japan


International Affairs

Has Lived In:

Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hawai’i, USA


Asian Studies