Lower Level of Agnes Flanagan

The Office of Spiritual Life and OmBuds are located in the lower level of the Agnes Flanagan building. We have a lovely space but can be tricky to find!

To enter through the Agnes Flanagan Chapel, walk to the far end of the building and find a staircase to the left of the main stage.

To enter the lower level directly, follow S Visitor Drive into the CAS campus from Gate 3 and turn right up the driveway or rocky path toward the Agnes Flanagan building.

See diagram for directions and wheelchair access details.

Agnes Flanagan Lower Level Access Map



Accessibility and Safety

The only wheelchair accessible entrance to our space is through the lower level via the west door.  From S Frank Manor Drive (Gate 4) follow the path down around Gregg Pavilion and pass clockwise around the building under the bridge to the west door.  From S Visitor Drive (Gate 3) follow the first driveway up toward the building and enter through the west door.

We are working on making our space more accessible, but it has, of course, been a challenge.  We are always open to hearing suggestions to how we can improve accessibility to our space!

Closest Parking

Closest parking options include Lot G (near Campus Safety) and Lot H (by Akin Hall).