David Poulshock BS ’70


David Poulshock BS ’70 came to Portland via Klamath Falls, Oregon, to attend L&C in 1966 and never left the city. After stints as a keyboardist in the cult band Upepo and as a “Mad Man” for a few Portland ad agencies, he formed Red Door Films. He’s been “making movies” ever since, including dozens of TV commercials and corporate films, as well as the Wee Sing kid videos for Universal Home Video and the public TV programs Mathematics Illuminated and America’s History in the Making. Currently, he is nearing completion of his feature documentary, Space: A Meditation on the Meaning of Art, which he began filming in summer 2014. You can see the film’s trailer at https://vimeo.com/355448984/90133ca10f. A member of the 1966-67 L&C swim team, Poulshock is in training for his sixth Portland Bridge Swim (July 9, 2023), which consists of an 11-mile swim down the Willamette River under 12 bridges, from Sellwood to St. John’s. Reportedly, he is the oldest swimmer to have competed in this event. Poulshock says the word “retirement” is not in his dictionary.