Lex Holland BS ’68


Lex Holland BS ’68 writes: “Same wife as at our last three reunions, same house and two kids as at our last two reunions, but I’ve experienced other major changes since the last reunion. Being tired of work (and their being tired of me), I retired from the U.S. Department of Education in 1996 and then started teaching accounting part time at Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1997. They are not yet tired of me, nor am I tired of them, so I am still teaching there. I also started teaching disabled skiers in 1997 with the National Sports Center for the Disabled. If I continue there for seven more years, I get a lifetime pass to Winter Park. In my leisure time (which I try to maximize), I do lots of skiing and tennis, as well as some biking, travel, scuba, yoga, and hiking. In 1996, I looked for–and found–my birth family (parents, three brothers, one sister, four nephews, and a niece). It is sort of interesting being in a room full of people who look like me (poor souls).”