Ann Vogel


Ann Vogel BA ’78 writes: “In April of last year, I thoroughly enjoyed traveling with L&C alumni and faculty on the Madagascar trip, including Jenny MacNichol BA ’78, Lisa Gaylord BA ’76, who lives in Madagascar, and Niels Marquardt BA ’75, former U.S. ambassador to Madagascar.


Ann Vogel BA ’78 met with several of her classmates from the 1976 Iran overseas study program, including Richard Webster BS ’76, Diane Hollister BA ’76, Ilene Harris Kapp BS ’77, Lisa Gaylord BA ’76, Fred Pfaffle BS ’74, Mindy Baxter BS ’78, and Jeff Jones BA ’77. Vogel writes: “All of us agreed that the Iran program affected the trajectory of our lives in profound ways, and we are grateful to have had this experience. Some of us remain in touch with host families and students we met in Iran. I am enjoying more free time after my careers in marketing and independent school teaching and administration. I worked most recently as a decade-long director of international programs at an independent school in Tacoma, Washington. My husband of 30 years and I have an adult son and daughter who live in Chicago and Seoul, respectively. Keith and I live on the shores of the Kitsap Peninsula, a ferry ride west of Seattle, and we love to travel. I remain close to many students from the “Iran Trip ’76,” and, just as in the old days, we closed down two watering holes when we had a pop-up reunion in Portland last summer!”