Hannah Harrington


Hannah Harrington BA ’19 writes: “Dear fellow 2019 grads: It’s wonderful to be writing to you all. I can only imagine the journeys we’ve all undertaken these past three years, amidst challenges, grief, change, and, hopefully, some joy. This year, the word that’s nestled at the forefront of my mind is ‘reconnection.’ What does it mean to reconnect to each other, and to our college community, after nearly four years have passed? It may mean awkwardness, possibly discomfort, and yet, it may mean laughter, fun, the rekindling of old relationships, and the building of new ones. This year, though I’ve never been to a reunion before, I am on the planning committee for Alumni Weekend 2023 because I believe this year could be something special. When we give of ourselves, when we are present, and invest in the people and places that have made a true impact on our lives, the possibilities are endless. Let’s take the time to reconnect with each other at Alumni Weekend 2023! I’d love to see you there!”