Sainaa Uppal

Sainaa Uppal

UWC attended: United World College ISAK (Japan)
Class Year: 2027

Right before I reached Isak I was unsure about the environment I would be entering, and how long settling in would take. However, the warmth showered on me by all the students and teachers made it feel like home from the very beginning. In fact, that is my favorite part about my UWC, that we were and are a close-knit family. During covid times, my school experienced numerous challenges but at all times we chose to overcome them together.

I chose Lewis and Clark due to the inclusivity it promotes among all students, and the endless opportunities it offers for every student to explore and learn individually, but also with the presence and support of others.

I plan on majoring in Psychology due to the knowledge it provides on interpersonal relationships. Alongside this, I think learning psychology from a less populated liberal arts college such as this one will allow me to engage more deeply with the professors and students. Which will only enhance my understanding of the subject.

I have been passionate about acting, and films from a very young age. In the past years, I took part in a lot of plays as an actor, and director. I also enjoy dancing but in all honesty, I have been out of practice for a while.

During my time at Lewis and Clark, I want to broaden my knowledge on various topics by grabbing onto opportunities that are different and new for me. I plan to collect new experiences that can help me discover new skills and interests. And of course, I hope to make some lifelong friends.