Steve Larson


Steve Larson BA ’70 writes: “After graduation came alternative service in Portland, years as a grad student in Washington, marriage, and closing 33 Seattle schools so that one could be a view for Frasier Crane of the TV show Frasier. My two children started school in Seattle while I commuted to Edmonds, Washington, to plan a new administration building and golf course. In 1989, I left for Arlington, Virginia; divorced; launched satellites; decorated lions on Taft bridge; planned, built, and renovated Arlington schools; restored the lights to a darkened Pentagon after 9/11; and married my friend, Shari Crandall. My daughter, Francesca, is a stand-up comic in NYC, and my son, Tony, consults in Oregon’s power industry. Beatrice and Beck are their awesome children. Shari and I recently moved to Portland, discovering we live across the street from college roommate David Poulshock BS ’74’s film studio. One implication of aging is a circle.”