Jeanne Lilly

Contemplative Life Coordinator

Agnes Flanagan, lower level  Rm. 106, MSC: 171

Jeanne Mariah Lilly, PhD serves as the Contemplative Life Coordinator on campus, as well as a psychologist at the Counseling Service. In her role in the Office of Spiritual Life, she leads meditation sessions and retreats, runs book groups, and organizes visits to local spiritual communities. She has 30 years clinical experience, primarily in college mental health, as well as experience as a teacher and trainer. She is certified by the Mindfulness Center at Brown University to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and is certified by the Yoga Academy of North America to teach pranayama. She has also volunteered at grade schools in Australia, the US, India, and Thailand, and has a particular interest in values education. Jeanne enjoys yoga, reading, the beach, and travel - especially to India. She has spent significant time in India on many occasions in the past 20 plus years, and considers the sacred land of Bharat her spiritual home. She appreciates the opportunity to work with students, and to support them in their personal spiritual journeys and further development of a connection to a higher consciousness.

Additional Information

Jeanne is a part-time staff person in the Office of Spiritual Life. Jeanne‚Äôs work hours in the Office of Spiritual Life are Mondays on campus and Thursdays virtually. 

Location: Agnes Flanagan Chapel