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Growing Success: Upgrading Lab Equipment at Lewis & Clark!

Exciting news for our Chemistry Department! We’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of a cutting-edge Thermo Scientific Heracell Vios 160i CR CO2 Incubator, 165 L. This state-of-the-art equipment will replace an old incubator, which served us well for decades but unfortunately succumbed to water damage.

The new CO2 incubator offers high-temperature sterilization and push-button simplicity, making it perfect for fast sterilization and cultivating various cell cultures. As part of our commitment to supporting new faculty like Dr. Gourdine, this equipment will play a vital role in both teaching and research endeavors.

Dr. Gourdine’s projects, including research on anaerobic facultative bacteria and teaching CHEM 336 (Biochemistry Laboratory), heavily rely on a functioning CO2 incubator. This collaboration extends beyond our campus, involving researchers from Oregon Health & Science University and Loyola University in Illinois.

In addition to the new Thermo Scientific Heracell Vios CO2 Incubator, we’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of a Thermo Scientific TSX 50 cu. ft. refrigerator. This new refrigerator is set to replace the aging departmental chromatography refrigerator in Dr. Gourdine’s research lab (Olin 115), which has served us for over thirty years but has unfortunately failed three times in the last three years.

The TSX refrigerator features two clear doors and electrical outlets inside, making it ideal for both biochemical and chemical storage at 4℃ and for conducting experiments at that temperature. Its addition to Dr. Gourdine’s lab, part of his hiring package, is crucial for his research program’s success.

While primarily housed in Dr. Gourdine’s lab, this refrigerator will be utilized by other chemistry and possibly physics faculty members for their research and classes. It plays a vital role in various experiments, including protein purification steps and running native gels for Chem 336 (Biochemistry Lab) taught by Dr. Gourdine.

Moreover, Professors Kuo, Loening, and Scalettar, along with Dr. Loening, rely on this refrigerator for their research and teaching. Its connection to the campus backup power system and remote monitoring make it indispensable for storing valuable samples and research chemicals.

Thanks to a successful application for a New Faculty Start-Up Grant from the Murdock Trust, we’re able to make this essential investment in our laboratory infrastructure. Here’s to new discoveries and enhanced learning experiences for our students!


Julie Bunker
Capital Projects Manager
(503) 768-7843