A. Zepcan

Ajlin Zepcan

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2028

My name is Ajlin, and I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I graduated from UWC Mostar, a school I dreamed of attending from a young age. I always saw it as the perfect place for me because I was very active throughout my elementary and high school years and always wanted to be part of a diverse community.

UWC allowed me to meet and unite with students from all around the world, making them my family. Living outside of my small town helped me become independent and ready to accept new challenges. The IB educational system enabled me to choose subjects that aligned with my interests and prepared me for my future educational goals.

If I were to describe my UWC experience in one word, it would definitely be “home” because it truly became a second home for me due to its amazing sense of community and belonging. My favorite thing about UWC was interacting with different people and cultures from around the world and learning more about them. UWC allowed me to make friends who have helped me become the best version of myself. It prepared me for the future in many ways, giving me new skills and experiences and helping me remain confident about my future.

In the process of choosing and researching different colleges, I was incredibly amazed by all the benefits of Lewis and Clark and the amazing opportunities it offers its students. The main thing I looked for in a college was a sense of community, which is more challenging to achieve in larger universities. The beautiful campus at Lewis and Clark, with its peaceful and inspiring environment, particularly appealed to me as someone who enjoys nature. I believe that Lewis and Clark offers an incredible opportunity for me to pursue my interests and strengthen my academic abilities. Additionally, I plan to major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and minor in Theatre, since the IB curriculum helped me realize my passion for these two fields. The diverse subjects and challenging coursework showed me how much I love both science and the arts. I’m excited that Lewis and Clark lets me combine these interests, so I can enjoy education that balances my analytical and creative sides.

Outside of school, I am very passionate about playing the flute, a hobby I’ve had since a young age that has deepened my love for music. I also love soccer and played semi-professionally for five years, however, due to my academic commitments and moving, I now play soccer recreationally. I hope to continue these hobbies at Lewis and Clark and explore new interests.

My main goal at Lewis and Clark is to further develop my education with the strong academic programs offered, make new friends, and share my story and experiences as a UWC student.