S. Olmedo

Sofia Agustina Olmedo Cardozo

UWC attended: Armand Hammer United World College of the American West (USA)
Class Year: Class of 2028

Hello, my name is Soff, and I’m from Paraguay. I attended UWC USA and discovered Lewis & Clark College while researching universities the summer before my senior year. I was immediately charmed by the campus and the study abroad program, realizing it could be a comfortable space for me to continue my studies and settle in for an extended period. This opportunity would allow me to more thoroughly explore my interests and career path in biology. I plan to major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology because I have been passionate about
science from a young age. My IB classes provided me with a strong foundation in this field. I love conducting research, and this major will give me numerous opportunities to do so.
Some of my favorite experiences at UWC involved making lifelong friends from various parts of the world. This made traveling especially fun and meaningful, as I now have friends almost everywhere. It was my dream to connect with fascinating people with whom I could relate on many levels beyond academics. These cherished memories include cooking, hiking, backpacking, dancing, and overall sharing the final years of high school together.
My love for travel existed before UWC, but UWC brought me to the US, where I got to explore New Mexican culture, learn more about the native history of the land, and get a head start on living in a country where I’ll spend a big part of my youth. I’ve become much more comfortable with the country and speaking English, and I’ve made friends from various states, including many in Oregon.
Outside of class, I enjoy swimming, biking, and designing my personal research projects.
Academically, I am deeply interested in all aspects of natural sciences. I love understanding the natural processes that create the beautiful forms of life we see in the world. I’m also a big fan of learning new languages, something I’m going to continue at L&C, where I hope to grow into my identity, solidify my career path, and expand the large circle of friends I made after UWC.