Erdni M.

Erdni Mangutov

UWC attended: United World College of Dilijan (Armenia)
Class Year: Class of 2028

Hello! I’m Erdni, a recent graduate of UWC Dilijan. I’m originally from the Republic of Kalmykia in southern Russia, a place where the sun always seems to be blazing and the steppes stretch endlessly into the horizon. Over the past two years at UWC Dilijan in Armenia, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet people from all over the world and dive into a melting pot of cultures and perspectives.

What I loved most about my time at UWC Dilijan was the sense of community and the freedom it gave me to explore my interests. It was a place where everyone could find their own niche, no matter how unique it might be. One of the highlights for me was organizing a climate change conference in collaboration with YOUNGO and UNDP Armenia. The school was immensely supportive, and this experience, along with attending climate change conferences in Egypt and the UAE, reinforced my passion for environmental activism.

At UWC, I had the chance to combine Visual Arts and Chemistry, which might sound like a strange mix, but it was incredibly enriching. I’ve always considered myself a STEM person, but I discovered a deep love for Visual Arts that has reshaped my outlook and aspirations. This realization has steered me towards a future where I want to blend environmental studies with studio arts. The idea of studying at Lewis & Clark excites me because it offers the flexibility to mix these disciplines and carve out my own academic path.

The freedom to explore different fields and create a unique academic experience is what drew me to Lewis & Clark. I’m eager to dive deeper into environmental studies and studio arts, and I believe this college is the perfect place for that. I’m passionate about making a difference in urban environments, and I think that combining these areas will help me understand and tackle the challenges we face in creating sustainable cities.

I’m particularly fascinated by how art and science can intersect to address environmental issues. I want to use my knowledge and creativity to come up with innovative solutions for urban development and sustainability. My time at UWC taught me that you don’t have to fit into one box – you can be a scientist who loves art, or an artist who cares deeply about the environment. At Lewis & Clark, I hope to keep exploring these intersections and make a meaningful impact in the world of urban planning and environmental conservation.

In essence, my journey from the sunny steppes of Kalmykia to the diverse and dynamic environment of UWC Dilijan has been transformative. I’m excited to continue this journey at Lewis & Clark, where I hope to further explore my interests and make a meaningful impact on the world.