Josephine M.

Josephine Tezura Mziray

UWC attended: United World College East Africa - Moshi Campus
Class Year: Class of 2028

My name is Josephine Tezura Mziray, I am a Tanzanian. I spent my last two years studying at UWC East Africa. My experience at UWC has helped shape my personality of being able to try and learn new things. Life at UWC seems like home away from home with the friends I made over the two years and this what I hope to build with my new family at L&C

At Lewis & Clark, I’ll be majoring in Economics and maybe in psychology and minoring in data science.My love for reading books and finding a comfy spot to relax has made it my go to activity anytime I am free. But my curiosity pushes me at the same time to try a new activity every now and then.