Harry Alexander LLM '07

Harry Alexander LLM ’07

Member of Executive Board Indonesian Sovereign Hajj Fund (BPKH)

Hometown: Indonesia

Program: LLM

Graduation Date: May 2007

Current Position: Member of Executive Board Indonesian Sovereign Hajj Fund (BPKH)

Harry Alexander has forged a remarkable career journey in environmental law and policy, leaving a lasting impact on both national and international scales. Since graduating from Lewis & Clark Law School with an LLM in Environmental Law, Harry has held several prestigious positions, each contributing to his expertise and influence in the field of environmental law.

Reflecting on his time since graduation, Harry recounts his diverse roles, from developing investment climate and legal reforms at the International Finance Corporation - World Bank Group to working as the Head of Policy Development at the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation. In 2019, the Indonesian Minister of Finance appointed him as Head of Risk Management at the Indonesia Financial Stability Board. In October 2022, the President of the Republic of Indonesia appointed Harry to his current position as a Member of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Sovereign Hajj Fund (BPKH), one of the most important financial institutions in Indonesia.

“The LLM Program improved my legal and policy foundation, enhanced my analysis method and skills, as well as strengthened my professional network,” Harry states about the impact of the program on his career. His tenure at Lewis & Clark Law School paved the way for his subsequent appointments, including lead negotiator and legal advisor to Indonesian Government Delegations at the UNFCCC, Convention on Biological Diversity, and CBD’s Nagoya Protocols.

“At Lewis & Clark Law School, both the faculty and students foster a warm and supportive environment, encouraging one another in our academic endeavors,” Harry states about his experience in the on-campus program. “One of the best perks of attending Lewis & Clark Law School is being able to live in Portland, Oregon, as it is such a beautiful city.”

Harry’s passion for environmental law dates back to his early years in legal studies. He views environmental law as instrumental in regulating human activities to minimize harm to the environment and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. His commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in his advice to aspiring environmental lawyers, emphasizing the importance of staying informed, honing essential skills, and fostering a passion for environmental conservation.

During his time at Lewis & Clark, Harry cherished the exceptional curriculum and supportive academic environment. He fondly remembers the guidance and expertise of distinguished professors such as Professor Daniel Rohlf, Professor Chris. Wold, Associate Dean Janice. Weis, Professor William Funk, and Professor Michael. Blumm, who inspired him with their breadth of knowledge and dedication to the field.

Off-campus, Harry was actively involved with the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) in Eugene, Oregon, further expanding his network and contributing to environmental advocacy beyond the classroom.

Harry offers this advice to students considering the program: “Remember, a career in environmental law can be challenging but also rewarding, as you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the planet and future generations.”