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Scott Lege

Associate Director of Operational Effectiveness

Advice to students: Travel to more places than you imagine is possible.  Experience more cultures than you can imagine exist.

Originally from Mechanicsburg, PA, Scott has lived in the Northwest since leaving the US Navy Submarine Service in 2000. He worked for several major contractors in the Seattle area before coming to Lewis & Clark. His many interests include cooking, brewing, archery and the occasional home repair.  Favorite vacation spot: His kitchen, as it has the best food and drink in town, and the service is excellent.

(503) 768-7843


Thanks Scott–the vendor has been doing amazing work so far and have been very quick. They really understand athletic needs.

- Mark Minty

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Scott Lege’s office is located in Facilities Services.


voice (503) 768-7843

Scott Lege Associate Director of Operational Effectiveness

Facilities Services Lewis & Clark 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road MSC 76 Portland OR 97219 USA