Jason Holmgren coordinates active shooter preparedness and emergency planning at Lewis & Clark.

Jason Holmgren

Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Facilities Services

Jason started working for Facilities Services in May 2014, and currently serves as the Occupational Health and Safety Manager. His current role fulfills the College’s efforts to provide a safe and healthy environment for all community members and guests. He oversees the Health and Safety program by monitoring safety systems and reporting to regulatory agencies, insurance carriers, and municipal responders. The responsibilities of the OHSO include life safety code compliance, hazardous material management and disposal, administration of the driver training program, and emissions reporting. He is also directly involved with the College’s emergency preparedness efforts, and provides Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and other safety training for community members. 


Do you have any advice for LC students?: Enjoy the local attractions! Between downtown, the coast, the mountains, the Columbia gorge and local lakes and rivers, you have many options for recreation.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?: It varies. I rarely do the same thing from one day to the next, which means a lot of interaction with people from many departments.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?: Boating, camping, mountain biking, and board games with family and friends are among my favorite activities.

Location: Facilities Services