Animal Control Policy

Purpose Statement

College policy on animal control is designed to preserve the safety of people and animals on campus, and to protect the College from liability in animal control incidents.


Inhumane or cruel treatment of animals on College property is prohibited. Animals are not allowed in any campus building with the exception of guide or service dogs, animals used specifically in academic or research programs, or by special permission.

Pets must be registered with the appropriate government agency, under the direct control of their owners at all times and remain outdoors. Pets may not be tethered and left unattended. Pets may not be left in closed vehicles on campus.

Members of the College community and visitors are expected to comply with Chapter 13 of the Multnomah County Code. These regulations include, but are not limited to, the animal owner’s responsibility:

  • To ensure the animal is not vicious or a threat to the safety of the College community.
  • To make certain the animal does not bite any member of the College community or a visitor to the College.
  • To prevent the animal from obstructing College activities including classes, scheduled events, or any College function.
  • To not bring unauthorized animals into any facility in which food is prepared or served.
  • To keep the animal on a leash and under control while on campus grounds.
  • To keep the animal off all athletic fields.
  • To immediately clean up animal waste on campus grounds.

The College allows Multnomah County animal control officers access to all College property to enforce animal control laws. Campus Safety officers are familiar with animal control laws and will educate the College community regarding these laws when necessary.

Approval Date

Approved by the Executive Officers, May 31, 2002