Safety Policy

Policy Statement: Lewis & Clark endeavors to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. The College has established a safety committee to monitor, evaluate, and recommend solutions to safety-related issues campus-wide.

To enable the College to take corrective action, all employees are encouraged to submit in writing any safety concerns to the Lewis & Clark occupational health and safety officer or any member of the safety committee.

The College will abide by any applicable city, state, or federal safety regulations.


1. The College will maintain a safety committee.

2. The committee consists of no fewer than four members.

3. The committee consists of an equal number of employees and supervisors. Employee members volunteer for a two-year term. Employer representatives are assigned as consistent with their position responsibilities.

4. The safety committee meets at least once a month. In December, the committee conducts a night exterior lighting inspection.

5. Employee representatives will be paid at their regular hourly wage while attending safety committee meetings or training.

6. Minutes will be taken at each meeting and maintained for three years. The minutes will be distributed to each committee member and include any reports, evaluations, or recommendations of the committee.

7. Employee safety suggestions or reports of hazardous working conditions must be submitted in writing to a safety committee member or the committee chair. Reports will be reviewed at the next scheduled safety committee meeting after they are received. In the new employee-orientation process, all employees will learn in greater detail how to report safety concerns.

8. Members of the committee will be trained, using rules set by the Occupational Safety and Health Agency, in methods for identifying hazards and in techniques for conducting accident investigations.

9. The committee’s meeting agenda will include at least the following: review of any potential safety hazards that have surfaced in the preceding month, development of recommendations to the vice president for Business and Finance, review of responses to the prior month’s recommendation to the vice president for Business and Finance, review of any on-the-job accident investigation reports submitted since the preceding month’s meeting.

10. The committee will prepare monthly reports, which include a summary of the discussion of issues, consensus solutions and actions taken on previous issues.

11. All reports are distributed to the Executive Officers of the College.

Approval Date

Approved by the Executive Officers, April 18, 1990.