Weapons on Campus Policy

Policy Statement: The presence of weapons on campus poses an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of all members and guests of the Lewis & Clark community. Therefore, the possession of weapons is prohibited on the College campus.

For the purposes of this policy the term “weapon” means any item or instrument described as a weapon in Oregon, Multnomah County, or the City of Portland statutes or ordinances; any instrument, article, or substance which is specifically designed for or potentially capable of causing death, incapacitation, or serious physical injury; any item used to harass, threaten, intimidate, assault, or batter; and any item the College deems dangerous. This includes but is not limited to firearms, firearms ammunition, explosive devices (both incendiary and chemical), ingredients with the intent to create an explosive device, knives having a blade that swings into position by force of a spring or centrifugal force (commonly known as switchblades) and knives with blades longer than three and one half inches, metal knuckles, straight razors, blackjacks, saps, sap gloves, bludgeons, martial arts stars, and weapons of the type commonly known as nunchakus.

Anyone who observes someone on the Lewis & Clark campus violating this policy should immediately report the incident to the Campus Safety Office by dialing 503-768-7777. The complainant should be prepared to provide the Campus Safety Office with any relevant information that caused them to observe the violation.

Campus Safety Officers have the right to secure weapons from persons in violation of this policy. These weapons will be secured in the Campus Safety Office until the person is prepared to remove them from campus.

Persons who possess a concealed weapons permit are NOT allowed to carry weapons on the private property of Lewis & Clark’s campus. Possessing a weapon for the purpose of sport, hunting, personal protection, or any benign reason will not exempt a person from this policy.

Due to the perception of threat and subsequent disruption that can be caused by their presence, prop, replica or toy firearms may not be brought to campus unless intended to be used in connection with a scheduled, permitted event. Persons seeking to bring prop or replica firearms to campus in such circumstances will notify Campus Safety well in advance, so that they may be inspected by Campus Safety staff and confirmed as not operational prior to the time they are transported to any other campus location. Campus Safety will monitor the transport of any such prop or replica firearms to and from the events for which they are to be used.


  • This policy does not apply to any peace officer or other sworn law enforcement who is on duty, and who is on campus in the course of official duties.
  • Potentially explosive or flammable materials used for instructional, construction, or maintenance purposes by College personnel or College - authorized contractors are exempted from this policy. These materials will always be used under the supervision of College staff or College authorized contract management.
  • Prop or replica firearms used appropriately by the Theatre Department and starter pistols used appropriately by Athletics staff or their designees, are not intended to be regulated by this policy and may be used by the Theatre Department and Athletics without being inspected by Campus Safety.
  • Prop or replica items used for approved student organization events or practices, such as fencing, are not intended to be regulated by this policy.

Approval Date

Amended by Executive Council September 13, 2023