Workplace Giving Policy

Policy Statement:

  1. The group must conform to state and federal laws pertaining to charitable campaigns in the workplace.
  2. Most of the funds should be distributed to local charities.
  3. The group must represent a consortium of at least ten charitable organizations.
  4. Donors should be able to designate their contributions to particular agencies among those represented by the group.
  5. If the consortium is itself a member of another charitable consortium which has been previously approved for a Lewis & Clark workplace campaign (e.g., is a United Way agency), it will not be eligible for a separate workplace campaign.
  6. The group’s values should be compatible with those of the College.
  7. The group must possess a broad appeal for employees at the College and the proposal for a workplace campaign must be brought forward to the College by employees of the College who are able to demonstrate widespread campus support for the proposal.
  8. The College will periodically consider all such proposals together. Such reviews will occur no more frequently than annually and will more typically occur biannually or tri-annually.
  9. The College will determine the manner and form of solicitation.
  10. A group’s campaign must be part of the College’s annual charitable giving campaign, sharing dates, programs, and mailings with the other approved groups.
  11. The College will periodically review the administrative burden of its payroll deduction plan for charitable giving.
  12. The college may at any time decide to limit or discontinue its workplace giving program.

Approval Date

Approved by the Executive Council, April 17, 2002