Hilary Martin Himan

Hilary Martin Himan

Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life

Agnes Flanagan Chapel 107, MSC: 171

Hilary is the Director of Spiritual Life and Chaplain for all.  Hilary is excited about leading the Office and the community more broadly as we embark on some much-needed culture shifts.  She is passionate about finding ways to better serve students with secular identities as well as supporting all religious students and groups.  She has helped start Belonging initiatives around campus, and hopes to continue building community across religious, spiritual, and other divides. “I am interested in broadening people’s understanding and assumptions about religion and spirituality, and diving deep into questions of meaning and purpose.”

Prior to this role, Hilary worked for LC as the Chamberlin Social Justice and Faith in Action Coordinator, advising multiple student groups, including Spiritual Que(e)ry, Muslim Student Association, and Common Ground. She is an ordained clergy in the United Church of Christ.  She also started the On Being Discussions, as a non-religious space for people of all backgrounds to discuss some big existential questions.

Hilary and her spouse Jennie have two lively kids.  “I also have a love of theater and performance, thrift stores, facilitating InterPlay, and being in nature. I am an Enneagram 4 and INFP. When I’m not doing Whole30, I love Salt & Straw ice cream.”

“Spiritual and Religious Life to me is far more expansive than what most people make it out to be. For me it means being in community, wrestling with the big questions of life together, holding faith and doubt simultaneously, paying attention in a counter cultural way. Spiritual and Religious Life is about intentionally crafting and claiming a life worth living, full of purpose and meaning. I frame my experiences through my particular faith lens of following Jesus, but I also affirm my sojourners on different paths. How do we stay open to the mystery and curious about each other?”

Location: Flanagan Chapel