Zhiqi Angela An

UWC attended: Mahindra United World College of India
Class Year: Class 2018

Thinking about my life in Mahindra United World College of India over the last two years, I am delighted to find that I have successfully graduated from the fabulous UWC after two years’ unexpected academic experience.  Truly, my school is far from perfect, and also I am far from a perfect student, but imperfection alone does not hinder the decision making process which demands a legion of bravery and determination and which will inevitably lead to the sweet discovery of those memorable and infinitely beneficial influences UWC has left on me. Hereby, I am honored to give to you a brief introduction about my school.

  Anyone, if there is any, whose trial has covered so many countries, just as mine did, but never lived an independent life with his or her parents thousands of miles away will fully understand how uncertain and antsy, I felt when all of these situations changed two years ago after I chose to be enrolled by UWC. I am Angela, a little female city dweller born in Beijing. Many people have questioned about my decision: “It’s good to study abroad, but why India?” Whenever facing this constantly reappearing question, I always answer like this: “Because it is special, fun, and, most important, difference.” Fortunately, as it turns out, this unique decision fed me back in its unique way. What I have gained during those two years is like something to celebrate rather than achieve—something that I never expected. Studying in such an international school, I possessed totally divergent ideology and perspective. My differently colored roommates came from all over the globe. I have a sense that after my stay in the UWC, I am able to find friends at every corner in the world. In this school, everyone was obliged to introduce his or her own country to others and simultaneously to try to understand cultures from different continents. 

  I felt truly appreciable to stay in such an international crowd UWC, and thus I chose L&C as my college, wishing for a even more promising experience. Portland city, in which our campus is located, appears to be enchanted to me. Beyond environment, perfect academic ambience and curriculums are also crucial factors. L&C satisfies all the above features that I am hankering for, so it is the right college for me. I am still deciding which major to choose. I hereby bespeaks that I am ready to enter L&C college. Challenging, fascinating, and exhausting it may be—I don’t know. I cannot foreshadow what I will encounter in the future, but what I am sure is that I am going to fight.