Rinyuda Promphenrangsi

UWC attended: Mahindra United World College of India
Class Year: Class of 2017

I have attended Mahindra UWC of India for the past two years. Actually, I studied in India before I attended Mahindra College; however, Mahindra College gave me a whole new life experience that I never expected to get in India. The first thing that you notice in any UWC is the diversity of the campus. I could have friends from Botswana and Nepal, who stay just a door away. This could be the reason why people there are open-minded and ready for other’s suggestions and ideas, and that made it easier for many of us to adjust to the new environment. I should say that it was the people that made my UWC experience one of the most life-changing and wonderful experiences in my life.  

L&C was one of my top college choices. I chose L&C because of the location of the campus. The campus is located in a medium size town, where I can enjoy my teen-life but at the same time I can still find peacefulness if I want to. The weather is nice and there is much less pollution than in the cosmopolitan cities. My second reason was the study abroad opportunity. L&C is one of the colleges that offer a number of study abroad programs located in a variety places. Moreover, L&C is a small college which will allow me to approach the professors when I have queries.

The majors that interest me are international relations and economics. I have found that relationships between countries are important for those specific countries; without the good bonds with others the country would not be able to develop to full capacity. By studying international relations, I think I may use my knowledge to help my country in the future. For economics, I find it interesting to know that economics theory can apply to almost everything around us.

 Outside of classroom, I like to cook and read during my free time. While I cook, I can leave the tensions and worries behind and give 100% attention to the food on the stove, which at the end makes me feel relaxed and ready to cope with problems. I like the feeling when my food has been eaten and others like it. Apart from cooking, I like any type of music except metal and hard rock. I can also play some basic ukulele.

Moreover, I think it is fun to study foreign language. It is interesting when I actually understand what others say in some uncommon language. I also find it interesting to know how the surroundings and upbringing can affect how people think and act.

I never traveled much until I came to UWC, where I got to make friends from different countries. I have been to a few countries in Asia, but not any other continent. Those countries are Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea. In all those countries, I stayed at my UWC friends’ places. I chose to visit Vietnam, because it is one of the must-see places. Vietnam used to be a closed country and has just recently allowed foreigners to freely visit their country. Thailand and Vietnam have been neighbor countries for such a long time. I heard a lot about Vietnam but never get chance to visit, so I chose to visit Vietnam when I got a chance.

 Japan is another interesting country. It is on my bucket list and one of my favorite countries. Japan is rich with culture but at the same time they still able to develop technology. Korea is the same; their country has the most organized transportation system. In these two countries, I am impressed with their organized life.  I hope L&C can help to educate me so that at the end of these four years I can use that knowledge to help others as well as my country, Thailand.