Henock Ashenafi

UWC attended: United World College of Costa Rica
Class Year: Class of 2015

I was born in a small village called Weter in the eastern part of Ethiopia, but I spent almost all of my life in another city called Dire Dawa, the queen city of the desert. Dire Dawa is described as a hometown for many different ethnic groups of Ethiopia. Living in this city has taught me a lot about how diverse Ethiopia is, and as a result I had the chance to learn languages other than my native one. I have two brothers and two sisters, all of whom are older than me. Being the youngest in the family has given me a great opportunity because I have always enjoyed the care from my older siblings.

I started my primary school at Addis Hiwot School and was enrolled there untill 10th grade. After having finished 10th grade, I went to Dire Dawa Comprehensive Secondary School, a school where I came to know about United World College (UWC). After I heard about it from the school principal, I applied and got accepted to UWC Costa Rica, where I experienced the two greatest years of my life. I made friends from different parts of the world, who I would have never met otherwise. This broadened my horizons, helping me understand the culture and the ways people from different parts of the world act and react to things. In general UWC has greatly impacted me, particularly by teaching me how to live life by myself and become a responsible world citizen.

I came to know about Lewis & Clark from a university counselor at UWC. He told me about how close it is to a great city like Portland and the attention given to its students. Hearing this, Lewis & Clark became one of my top choices and when I learned about the small size of the school and its accepting atmosphere, I knew it would be the right fit for me.  

I intend to double major in Chemistry and Math, two subjects I’ve loved since 7th grade, and at some point in my life I want to become a teacher. I believe that teaching is one of the best ways to give back what I will get from Lewis & Clark to those who are in great need. When I’m not studying, I love spending my leisure time playing sports, especially my favorite, soccer. I was on a soccer team at UWC and would like to continue playing here, also.

I look forward to having an exciting stay at LC!